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Do I need a new power window motor?

Check Motor New Test

If nothing at all happens when you try to operate your power window, the window motor may be at fault.

But just in case it's a dodgy switch, it's a good idea to isolate the window motor from the switch and apply 12V power from a different source. A spare car battery works well.

  • First check that the associated fuse is intact and the power window child lock is off
  • Remove inner door trim
  • Locate & unplug power window motor from car
  • Apply 12V power directly to power lead of window motor
  • If window operates normally, your switch may be at fault
  • If window does not operate, your power window motor may need replacing
  • Power window motors that have a module or utilise a multi-pin harness style plug cannot be tested in this manner
  • This information is supplied on the assumption that the power window regulator is in working order

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