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Improper Installation Switch Failure Warranty Water Damage

All my products carry a minimum 1 year warranty. All brand new products carry a 2 year warranty. The warranty shall be void under the following conditions:

  • Tampering with the warranty sticker/seal on motor
    • Switch Failure

    Switch Failure O.E.Subaru Power Window Motor

    • Water Damage
    Extreme water damage to Aftermarket Power Window Motor
    • Improper Installation                                                                                                   A new motor on a worn or broken regulator will experience increased load therefore shortening it's lifespan. If you have the regulator out of the car, why not check all the pivot points move freely and there is not excessive sideways movement. Check the teeth are not excessively worn. Also check that all plastic parts on the regulator are intact. If your regulator is cable operated. Check the cable is not frayed or kinked and there is not excessive slack in the cable. Remember the cable will loosen when the window is fully open or shut. Always ensure that the motor is securely mounted to the regulator and all moving/sliding parts are well greased. Lastly, make sure the bailey channels are well lubricated. See my article on this in my TECH blog.

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