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Subaru Impreza & Forester windowmotor replacement the easy way


This method means that no re-alignment of the regulator is needed after installation. 


  • 10mm Socket & Driver or Spanner
  • Phillips 2 Screwdriver
  • Right Angle Phillips 3 Screwdriver
  • Trim tool or Flat Blade Screwdriver covered with tape


    Using the Phillips 2 screwdriver and trim tool remove the door trim.

    If you are unable to remove the door trim it may be best to turn back now and get help.

    With the window up and door trim removed -

    • Unplug connectors circled in YELLOW.
    • Remove 3 screws circled in PINK holding speaker.
    • Remove speaker and place somewhere safe for re-installation.
    • At this point you will need some method of holding the glass up once the motor is removed. Phone a friend or jam a piece of folded cardboard between the glass and top of the door.
    • BE CAREFUL. Once the motor is loose the glass can drop freely.
    • Using the Right Angle Phillips 3 screwdriver reach in through the speaker hole to remove the 3 bolts holding the motor. You will be pointing the screwdriver towards yourself.
    • The motor is sandwiched between the regulator and the door. Using the 10mm socket or spanner loosen the bolts circled in RED and GREEN a few turns.
    • You may be able to slip the motor out now. If the motor can not be slipped out loosen the bolts circled in GREEN till it can.
    • DO NOT completely remove the bolts circled in RED and GREEN.
    • Installation is the reversal of this process.

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