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Using Scotch-Locks for Wiring

connectors crimps scotch locks scotchlocks wiring

In order to fit some motors it may require " tapping " into the power wires coming from the car with Scotch-Lock style connectors. T-Tap Scotch-Locks in this case

Scotch-Lock connectors allow a connection without altering the cars original wiring.

This method can also allow the connection of a 2 wire motor to a 6 wire plug.

This will remove the Auto-Function. The window will only operate while holding the button.


  • Using pliers close the connectors over the 2 power wires coming from the original plug from the car. In a 6 wire plug, power is typically the 2 thickest wires.
  • Push the plugs from the motors onto the connectors. Black is negative from the motor. The trace or stripe on the car wiring typically indicates negative. 
  • Test that up is up and down is down using the car switch. If not unplug the motor and swap the connectors around.
  • Once the correct connection is obtained it is a good idea to tape and immobilise it to ensure longevity.

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